Merk: ForSchur

Sooner or later, our little ones will return from a wild play session with a new hole in their pants. This washable fabric glue by Forschur fixes clothes like magic and gets your kids ready to play again in no time. No sewing, no visible stitches - the fabric glue is easily applied and dries within minutes, without leaving any marks. This also makes it the perfect companion for our Second-Chance Knee Patches. Together, they give any garment a new life and funky look.
This strong fabric glue is also waterproof and washable – so you can rest assured that your quick repair will last! It can even be used for other textiles like outdoor clothing, home textiles or even tents, making this washable fabric glue a true lifesaver in any adventurous home! 

Milieuvriendelijk: ecologisch, op basis van latex melk. 

Veganistisch: geschikt voor veganisten.