Sari coin purses from Shakti.ism
Sari coin purses from Shakti.ism
Sari coin purses from Shakti.ism
Sari coin purses from Shakti.ism
Sari coin purses from Shakti.ism
Sari coin purses from Shakti.ism
Sari coin purses from Shakti.ism
Sari coin purses from Shakti.ism

Sari coin purses


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One Size
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  • MIL Milieuvriendelijk

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Meet the Shakti.ism upcycled sari stamped coin purse!

Bron: Shakti.ism

Perfect for carrying your cards, keys, face mask, earphones and any other little bits you don’t want to keep in your pocket.

These lovely little pouches are made using reclaimed sari fabric (mixed fibres) on one side and hand stamped using natural ink on the other side. Each pouch is ethically handmade by empowered artisan makers in Pondicherry, India.

Every pouch is eco-friendly, unique and stylish – with a hint of ethnic design.

Every purchase empowers disadvantaged women by providing dignified employment, a living wage, hope and opportunities for their children.

Breathing new life into pre-loved saris.

Our saris are from all over India and beyond, which means we have a wide variety of patterns and traditions represented. Many were generously donated especially for this social initiative. Because every sari is unique, each zip pouch has its own story and is truly one-of-a-kind. Most saris are comprised of multiple colours and patterns intended to compliment each other when draped, which is why no two items made from the same sari are the same. Colours and patterns may vary from the photographs, depending on which part of the saris were used. Some finished items have minor imperfections, which makes them even more charming and distinctive.

Meet the artisans. The Pondicherry Shakti.ism tailoring team members are from the semi-nomadic Narikuravar “gypsy” tribal community in Southern India. This indigenous group of people has faced discrimination against them since ancient times, primarily because of their nomadic lifestyle and consumption of animals, considered taboo by Hindus and upper-caste communities within India. The gypsy communities of India sit at the absolute bottom of society, even below the caste system. Poverty, illiteracy, diseases and discrimination are the major issues that confront the Narikuravars. Girls within the community are often married off once they begin to menstruate and many of them become mothers when they are as young as 14 years old.

The institutionalised social stigma faced by indigenous and tribal communities across India continues to be the force of oppression that keeps them trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

By purchasing this item, you are helping to empower and provide ongoing employment income for the women who make these handmade products. The demand for Shakti.ism’s products provides these women with dignified employment, a living wage, hope and opportunities for their children. Together we can provide alternative options for disadvantaged women with the aim to lift them out of poverty and help them to become self-sustaining and independent.

Dimensions. Approximately 13cm length x 11cm height (5in L x 4in H)

Care. Gently hand wash in cold water. Hang or lay flat to air dry.

Shaktiism is een Brits merk dat Indiase Sari's een tweede leven geeft door deze te hergebruiken tot prachtige nieuwe items in sociale werkplaatsen in India en Bangladesh. 

Eerlijk geproduceerd: Shaktiism is een sociale onderneming actief in India en Bangladesh. De medewerkers krijgen een eerlijk loon betaald en daarnaast extra gezondheids- en welzijnsvoordelen.  Shaktiism bezoekt de locaties regelmatig en overlegt veel met de medewerkers. 

Milieuvriendelijk: de items worden gemaakt van oude Indiaase Saris die door Shaktiism een tweede leven krijgen.  Veel sari's worden bijvoorbeeld gedoneerd. Lokale donaties zijn over het algemeen van armere mensen die sari's doneren in ruil voor andere levensbehoeften. Of ze verkopen deze aan Shaktiism tegen een zeer lage prijs, zodat zij dit geld kunnen gebruiken om basisbehoeften van te kopen. Shaktiism kan dan de tweedehands stof redden van weggooien en hergebruiken.  Ook in Europa kunnen Sari's gedoneerd worden, zodat deze hergebruikt kunnen worden. 

Steunt de lokale bevolking: Shaktiism werkt samen met vrouwen die het risico lopen getroffen te worden door gendergerelateerd geweld. Bij Shaktiism krijgen deze vrouwen de mogelijkheid om in een prettige omgeving hun eigen geld eerlijk te verdienen. 

Praktische informatie:

Verzendkosten: Gratis in de UK en €4,41 in de rest van Europa.

Verzendtijd: 3-5 werkdagen.

Adres: Geen fysieke winkel.

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