Gentle Rose Almond Cleansing Oil from Skin Matter
Gentle Rose Almond Cleansing Oil from Skin Matter
Gentle Rose Almond Cleansing Oil from Skin Matter
Gentle Rose Almond Cleansing Oil from Skin Matter

Gentle Rose Almond Cleansing Oil


Beschikbare maten:
  • FAT Eerlijke handel
  • LOCP Lokaal geproduceerd (Europa)
  • MIL Milieuvriendelijk
  • ANF Veganistisch

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Why we love it: This gentle cleansing oil turns into milk after the contact with water and gives you the most luxurious feeling.

Gentle facial cleanser and makeup remover which contains french rose and almond oil, soothes and hydrates your skin while effectively removing all the makeup, impurities and pollution particles in just one step. It rinses off easily and leaves your skin soft, with light, non greasy finish. This minimalist formula of 7, the most essential ingredients, has a light, natural scent of almonds.

All Skin Types - Easily Rinsable - Turns into Milk - Cold Pressed Oils - 100% Pure & Natural - Without Allergens - Roses & Almonds Grown & Harvested in France - Organic Farming - Vegan - Softening - Sensitive Skin Friendly

Made in France

Bron: Skin Matter

Key Ingredients

Sweet Almond Oil, soothing & softening, restores elasticity and tone. This oil easily penetrates the epidermis for deeper hydration. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it is protective and suitable for the most sensitive skin types.

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, repairing, softening and nourishing. It prevents dehydration of the skin.

Organic Milk Thistle Oil, is rich in antioxidant components that help fight free radicals: there are more than 50mg of vitamin E per 100g of oil and 500mg of sterols. Nourishing and hydrating, it helps regenerate the skin's hydrolipidic film. Softening, it helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. This oil is composed of more than 70% unsaturated fatty acids, essential fatty acids not synthesized by the body. By entering into the composition of cell membranes, these fatty acids participate in the reconstitution of cells and therefore in skin regeneration.

Rose Centifolia Macerate, soothing and invigorating, calms skin irritations, tones the skin and tightens the pores.

TA polyglyceryl 4 Oleate, mild surfactant of plant origin that facilitates makeup removal and helps eliminate the impurities. It allows the formula to turn into milk with water contact for optimal hydration and comfort.

Tocopherol, is used in the formula to protect against oxidation.

Your Ritual

Apply to dry face skin by circular motions to remove makeup, impurities and pollution. Massage your skin lightly to make sure that all the pigments and daily stress are melt down. The oil transforms into milk on contact with water. Rinse with clean water or by using a wet makeup remover pad beforehand for more effectiveness.

Full Ingredients List

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*, Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Silybum Marianum Seed Oil*, Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, Parfum, Tocopherol.

*organic farming


Recyclable brown glass with plastic cap.

Wake Me Up Paris is het eerste merk uit Parijs dat de toegang tot natuurlijke schoonheidsproducten, gemaakt van verantwoorde ingrediënten, wil vergemakkelijken. Dit door vrouwen opgerichte merk is in het leven geroepen om te bewijzen dat je gemakkelijk kunt overstappen op natuurlijke schoonheidsproducten, met gezonde ingrediënten.

Eerlijke handel: Eerlijk geproduceerd in Frankrijk.

Milieuvriendelijk: Ze gebruiken alleen natuurlijke ingrediënten.

Lokaal geproduceerd: Lokaal geproduceerd in Frankrijk.

Veganistisch: Dit merk is veganistisch en test niet op dieren.

#Cosmetics #Natural-ingredients #Female-founded

Skin Matter is een online skincare & selfcare shop. Ze zijn opgericht in het hart van Berlijn op 1 juli 2020. Het is hun missie om je huidverzorgingsroutine naar een totaal ander niveau te brengen. Oprichtster Olga Zilinska wil een stem geven aan de echt innovatieve, indie-merken uit Europa. Alle merken op haar website zijn dierproefvrij en gebruiken natuurlijke ingrediënten.

Praktische informatie:

Verzendkosten: €15 in de EU en gratis voor bestellingen boven de €120.

Verzendtijd: 2-8 werkdagen in de EU.

Adres: Geen fysieke winkel.

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