nat-2™ Fungi brown white (W/M/X)

nat-2™ Fungi brown white (W/M/X) from nat-2





nat-2™ x Zvnder vegan sneaker line made from real fungus | fomes fomentarius!The elementary material for the project was developed and delivered by Berlin based designer Nina Fabert of Zvnder.Next to the fungus leather there are bio-textiles and a coating used for the production. In the next step, the nat-2™ technical team develops the fungi material further and Sebastian Thies, founder and creator of the brand designs the sneakers made from tree fungus in combination with high quality, innovative materials sich as eco-cotton frottee, microfibre suede from recycled PET bottles, real cork insoles and real rubber outsoles. Production is made by hand in a small family manufacturer in Italy. The „mushroom leather“ is unique in its vintage look and unbelieveable soft in its feel as well. By using the material from both sides interesting contrasts and combination become possible. The leather like material is created from the Trama of the tinder sponge. Fomes Fomentarius aka. tinder sponge is a parasite growing on dead or weak birches and Beeches.

In a very costly process the found fungus gets tried for about a year after a ling search and following nature friendly, gentle and certified hand harvest. Afterwards it gets peeled off and further worked on by hand.

The material is organic, vegan, gluten- and chemical free. The fungus is antiseptic and anti-bacterial.

Attention! This is art in the form of a shoe. Means the item is naturally very fragile so handle with care and do not use it for daily things like sports, motorcycling long distance walking etc. Therefore we cannot accept any claims due to surface breaks etc.

Every pair is unqiue in the look and specs.

Wearable Art | Handmade in Italy

Upper: 60% Fungus | 40% glass and recycled PET manmade leather

Lining: eco cotton frottee

Insole: real cork

fit: normal

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nat-2™ is een luxueus schoenenmerk gevestigd in München, Duitsland. De schoenen worden eerlijk geproduceerd door een kleine producent in Italië en de regenlaarzen worden geproduceerd in Italië of ergens anders in de EU, afhankelijk van waar ze tijd hebben. De schoenen worden geproduceerd onder eerlijk werkomstandigheden.

nat-2 gebruikt alleen maar duurzame materialen. Ze maken gebruik van gecertificeerd hout, steen, hooi, natuurlijk rubber, plantaardig gelooid leer, gras, gerecyclede materialen zoals mais, koffie, melk, PET flessen, glas, wijnkurken, leer overblijfselen, eco-katoen, ananas, etc.

nat-2 heeft ook een vegan collectie die 100% veganistisch is waarbij ook de lijm geen dierlijke producten bevat.


Praktische informatie:

Verzendkosten: €9,90 in Nederland en België.
Gratis in Duitsland.
€14,90 in de UK.

Verzendtijd: De verzending wordt meestal binnen 3 dagen op de bus gedaan.

Adres: Geen fysieke winkel


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