Amber Vintage Spliced Crop Top from Fanfare Label
Amber Vintage Spliced Crop Top from Fanfare Label
Amber Vintage Spliced Crop Top from Fanfare Label
Amber Vintage Spliced Crop Top from Fanfare Label
Amber Vintage Spliced Crop Top from Fanfare Label

Amber Vintage Spliced Crop Top

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  • FAT Eerlijke handel
  • LOCP Lokaal geproduceerd (Europa)
  • MIL Milieuvriendelijk

Kort overzicht

We’ve been really excited to reveal our new collection and campaign during Fashion Revolution Week - and it’s finally live!

Here at Fanfare, we’d love to introduce you to our limited Mother Earth T-Shirt collection! We’ve got a beautiful new series of 100% GOTS-certified organic tees, alongside unique and up-cycled vintage tees.

The collection will feature a new t-shirt release every day at 6pm on our website and is in partnership with the Plant Your Future charity.

This means 15% of the proceeds from each tee will be donated to Plant Your Future Plant Your Future is an initiative that works to restore native rainforest trees to the Amazon in order to increase biodiversity, tackle climate change and alleviate poverty.

  • Redesigned & reworked vintage piece
  • Unique and one-off design
  • Sent in our recycled packaging
  • 30° delicate wash iron, steam or dry with low heat. No tumble drying.

Bron: Fanfare Label

Circularity, longevity and innovation drive the design of every one-of-a-kind creation at Fanfare Label and our award-winning collections are the go-to for those seeking seasonless, contemporary clothing.

Fanfare Repurposed
Our Fanfare Repurposed collection rescues textiles that would have been deemed waste and destined for landfills. We recycle, repurpose and redesign these pieces and transform them into style-led statement jeans you’ll wear for life.

Sustainably Created
Our Sustainably Created collection is made slowly from certified sustainable fabrics. We consciously choose our materials to ensure that each limited edition piece has an infinite life cycle and inspires a buy-to-last mindset.

Both collections are ethically made in the UK.

Ethics & sustainability are the pillars of the business. Fanfare Label pieces are made in ethical factories from organic & recycled materials. Even down to every thread, fibre & trim sustainability is considered, sustainability is a journey, and the brand is always looking for ways to improve.

When you buy one of our considered pieces you are part of the Fanfare family & are joining us working on a solution.

Fabric For Freedom is een Engels merk dat stijlvolle kleding maakt van een combinatie van milieuvriendelijke en gerecyclede materialen. Ze maken bijvoorbeeld gebruik van biologisch katoen, en ze hebben een collectie van geüpcyclede items. Fabric For Freedom maakt ook gebruik van restmaterialen, ook wel 'end of the roll' materialen genoemd, die anders zouden zijn weggegooid. De kleding wordt allemaal geproduceerd in een fabriek in de UK onder eerlijke werkomstandigheden.

Praktische informatie:

Verzendkosten: €15,14 in de EU.

Verzendtijd: Tot 8 werkdagen in de EU.

Adres: Geen fysieke winkel.

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