Wana Bana Vintage Bum Bag Blue – Vegan – Amsterdam from Wana Bana
Wana Bana Vintage Bum Bag Blue – Vegan – Amsterdam from Wana Bana
Wana Bana Vintage Bum Bag Blue – Vegan – Amsterdam from Wana Bana
Wana Bana Vintage Bum Bag Blue – Vegan – Amsterdam from Wana Bana
Wana Bana Vintage Bum Bag Blue – Vegan – Amsterdam from Wana Bana

Wana Bana Vintage Bum Bag Blue – Vegan – Amsterdam



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A Dutch view: Dam at night in Amsterdam, by Breitner. My Waist & Shoulder bag. Ready for next generation phones. Perfect for festivals!

Bron: Wana Bana


About the bag

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to your waist size. Inside you have an open pocket. You can also use it with the mini-wallet to keep your cards, notes and coins safe (sold separately).

Size: 14 x 19 cm

• Materials: high-quality synthetic (PU) leather, recycled cardboard, recycled vintage image, PVC to make the image waterproof.
• Vegan: Lili chose consciously for synthetic leather to avoid animal cruelty. Unfortunately Lili still uses petrol-based materials in order to give durability to the product without using animal skin. Lili keeps looking for the correct replacement. She is in love with Pinatex and she follows their moves waiting for the time they will produce it in Costa Rica. Now she is testing the cactus leather. It is produced in Mexico. If you know a better way to do this, please inspire her. Drop her a message!
• Vintage: Almost all images are at least 20 years old.

Over Wana Bana Design

One of a kind vegan bags, handmade in Colombia from up-cycled vintage images. Every bag is unique!

Founder Lili did not want to participate in mass production and animal suffering. She is also on a mission to reduce the gap between rich and poor. Through her bags she creates jobs for underprivileged single mothers in Colombia.

Part of the profit goes to a training program for children in her mother country.

• One of a kind: I scout images together with friends in second hand shops around the world: we select images from unwanted books. One of our makers cut the selected image and they make the bag around it. The chance to find the same image is very little, making each bag unique!

• Handmade by our single moms in their own atelier

• Support local community: we buy all the materials in Bogota (Colombia) in order to support the local economy. And gives work to the makers Johanna, Aida en Ximena. 3 single moms with their own. Johanna has 3 and Ximena has 2 boys. They are between 5 and 18 years. Aida is the mother of Johanna and Ximena. The moms combine their work with taking care of their children.

• Fair paid: we pay 30% above the price of a bag in Bogota.

• Environmental Impact: Positive! Re-use of papier from images. To be improved: replace synthetic leather and compensate CO2.

About the image

This image was found in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Source is Christies. Year: late 90’s.


Support Local Community

Fair Paid

Reuses paper

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Wana Bana is een prachtig merk dat Colombiaanse ontwerpers de kans wil geven hun talenten op de Nederlandse markt te laten zien, en WFTO gercertificeerd te worden. Alle tastjes van Wana Bana zijn van veganistisch leer. De tasjes worden gemaakt onder eerlijke omstandigheden en 5% van de winst van Wana Bana wordt gedoneerd aan organistaties die kinderen in Latijns Amerika van educatie voorzien.

Omdat ze bij Wana Bana weten dat het vervoeren van hun producten naar Europa flink wat CO2 kost, compenseren ze dit door bomen te planten. Voor de materialen voor de producten zijn ze ook zoveel mogelijk milieuvriendelijk bezig. Zo wordt er geupcycled, organische materialen gebruikt en modulaire en tijdloze designs gemaakt. Wana Bana is dus echt op alle fronten goed bezig!

Praktische informatie:

Verzendkosten: Gratis bezorging bij bestellingen boven de €70,-
Bezorging in Nederland: € 6.97
Bezorging in België: € 11.19

Verzendtijd: In Nederland: Voor 15:00 besteld, de volgende dag in huis.

Adres: Geen fysieke winkel.

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