DIY Candle Set from Skin Matter
DIY Candle Set from Skin Matter

DIY Candle Set


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  • FAT Eerlijke handel
  • LOCP Lokaal geproduceerd (Europa)
  • MIL Milieuvriendelijk
  • ANF Veganistisch

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Why we love it: There are plenty of candles in the world, but you won’t find another candle like this anywhere else!

The DIY Candle set includes instructions for creating your own candle, vegetable wax, scent button, wooden candlewick with a base and a Hetkinen label. With easy instructions, you can make an ecological, unique, and truly zero-waste candle. The candle making process takes only 2 minutes of active making time when the mass melts. After that, you can relax and wait as the mass solidifies. When preparing the DIY Candle remember to make sure that the wooden candlewick stays upright straight. The most rewarding step is when you get to finish the candle with the label and enjoy the feeling of success.

All you need to have at home is a microwave oven (you can also use stove/oven, but you would need to melt the wax in a separate suitable container for stove/oven), a plate (that serves as a tray for the candle glass), and a 250 ml clean glass container from your previously used candle.

Scent: pine, black spruce, vetiver.

Natural Soy & Rapeseed Wax · Eco Friendly · Cruelty Free · Vegan · 40 Hours Burning · Do It Yourself · Sustainable · Plastic Free

Made in Finland

Your DIY Ritual

Only burn candle for a maximum of 3 hours at once, then trim aspen woodwick to around 5mm before lighting and between each burn.

Select a clean, empty glass of 250 ml from the previously used candle. Place the glass of your choice on top of a heatproof plate. Pour approximately half of the wax mixture into the glass. Move the glass into the microwave oven using the plate. Heat the wax mixture with 800w for 1 minute until the wax mixture has melted. Carefully take the glass out of the microwave using the plate. Add the remaining wax mixture and scent button to the melted wax. Carefully move the glass back to the microwave and heat for another 800w for 1 minute until the whole wax mixture is completely melted. Very carefully, with the help of the plate, take the glass full of wax out of the microwave. Place the wooden candlewick in the middle of the glass, metal side downwards. Be careful not to move the candle until the wax has cooled. When the wax starts to cool, make sure that the wick stays in the middle. Once the wax is solid, you can glue the label. Trim the candlewick to 5 mm high if necessary. Enjoy a self-made ready candle.

NB! If you don't have a microwave and decide to use the stove/oven, please use a suitable container for the wax to melt and after poor the liquid in the candle glass. Do not leave melting wax unattended and use low temperatures.

Full Ingredients List

Non gmo rapeseed wax, non-gmo soy wax, pinus sylvestris essential oil, picea mariana essential oil, vetiver essential oil.


Plastic free packaging. The DIY Candle package includes: non gmo soy wax, non gmo rapeseed wax, scent button, wooden candlewick with metal base, instructions how to make a candle, Hetkinen label.

NB! The package doesn’t include: glass for the candle (you can use a clean old glass from the previously used candle), plate, microwave (or stove/oven). Preparation time: 2 minutes.

Bron: Skin Matter

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Hetkinen houdt van de natuur. Ze geloven dat harmonie met de natuur een van de grootste verplichtingen is die we kunnen aangaan.

Eerlijke handel: Eerlijk geproduceerd in Finland.

Milieuvriendelijk: Gemaakt van natuurlijke ingrediënten. Sommige producten worden geleverd in recyclebare glazen flessen, maar de meeste zijn verpakt in grenen potten.

Lokaal geproduceerd: Lokaal geproduceerd in Finland.

Veganistisch: Dit merk is vegan en test niet op dieren.

#Cosmetics #Natural-ingredients

Skin Matter is een online skincare & selfcare shop. Ze zijn opgericht in het hart van Berlijn op 1 juli 2020. Het is hun missie om je huidverzorgingsroutine naar een totaal ander niveau te brengen. Oprichtster Olga Zilinska wil een stem geven aan de echt innovatieve, indie-merken uit Europa. Alle merken op haar website zijn dierproefvrij en gebruiken natuurlijke ingrediënten.

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Verzendkosten: €15 in de EU en gratis voor bestellingen boven de €120.

Verzendtijd: 2-8 werkdagen in de EU.

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